Five good reasons to take an holiday in Italy right this month.

  1. There are lots of nice places to visit…
  2. …and food is fantastic (yeah, you are right: the usual, boring stereotypes).
  3. No, I won’t talk about the dolce vita here too, sorry.
  4. A lot of Ubuntu {Members, Developers} are from Italy…
  5. and you will have the great chance to meet some of them if you join us at Ubuntu@Fermo!

Ubuntu@Fermo is a meeting dedicated to our favourite distro, that will take place on Saturday, January 22th in Fermo, a gorgeous, small city in centern Italy. The event is organized by FermoLUG, the local Linux User Group, that invited several members from the Italian LocoTeam for a day of talks about Ubuntu.

Paolo Sammicheli will welcome the audience with a talk about Free Software, then Flavia Weisghizzi and Luca Ferretti will present their new book about Ubuntu 10.10. Then, it will be my time for a talk about common, wrong myths around Ubuntu. After the talk, the dynamic duo Flavia Weisghizzi & Silvia Bindelli will introduce Ubuntu-it-women, an important, appreciated project about women partecipation to Free Software. The day will be closed by Andrea Gasparini, from the Italian Ubuntu Developers Mafia Famiglia (cit. Daniel Holbach) with a talk about Opportunistic Development with Ubuntu, and later Milo Casagrande & Luca Ferretti, with their GNOME hat on, with a long awaited talk about GNOME 3, Unity and all that jazz.

Further details are available on this page on the ubuntu-it wiki. Have you bought your plane ticket already?

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  1. Italy is such a beautiful country, I have travelled out here many times and I have to say, the food is magnificent, the culture and history is great.

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